Catering for Weddings

Catering for Weddings

As wedding planners, our job is also to ensure that every aspect of your grand day is perfect. This is why we also take care of the catering of your wedding. Nothing is left to the chance and the care we put in selecting the most demanded catering agencies shows for it.

Authentic cuisine

One of the reasons why people want to marry in Italy is, of course, the food! Do you love traditional Italian food? The cultural background of our service is very much present in the catering service we employ for our weddings.

The catering agencies we work with, can offer you best quality of ingredients, tastiest recipes and highest quality of service!

We don’t lose sight of the creativity though, our dishes are still classy and elegant while respecting our deep rooted traditions.

Locally sourced

Food is one of the most important things in Italy. We are famous for it all around the world and it is one of our biggest prides. We put a lot of effort into preparing a good tasty meal with good ingredients and a good balance.

That’s why we are thoughtful of our surroundings and choose local produce and delicacies. We like to enhance the beautiful venue with an exquisite display of amazing preparations that we know represent the tradition we come from and respect it. We like to show this tradition and one of the best sides of Italy to you and your guests.

Our chefs will be happy to customize the meal around your specific requests and transform simple food into an experience!

If you want to get an idea of what we are talking about, visit our galleries and check it out.

Blanc Tuscany Weddings has a very strong moral about quality, the weddings we plan are thought out to the very last detail and the catering is one of the most important details!

Catering for Weddings

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