Wedding Design

Wedding Design

This is where Blanc Tuscany Weddings gets to be the most creative and really has a chance to put the skills acquired to use. The wedding design is everything.

Too many times we have seen nicely arranged ceremonies but lacking in the beauty department. You maybe have countless Pinterest boards with ideas of what you want it to be but not quite sure how to put it all together.

This is when we come into play and suggest you the best setting, best floral arrangements and altar design. We like to be in very close communication and know every detail so we can best make a decision on what goes with what.

Theme Weddings

Have a specific theme in mind?

Our creative team is constantly working with wedding designers and florists to built the wedding ceremony you have always dreamed of. Anything is possible with enough time and lots of flowers!


We are masters at sorting out your very own thoughts. We have the tools and the experience to anticipate your desires before you even ask. A customized wedding design always puts us in a creative frenzy and we love it!

During the years we have had time to improve our skills and now we are confident to say that our designs have been loved by brides and guests. We only work with trusted industry experts to guarantee a flawless result.

We have had designs worthy of brides magazine (some of them are too!) So dreamy that they are Instagram famous!

We love receiving inputs from brides and bridesmaids but we can also work independently. Once the general idea is sorted we can make it happen in no time.

At the very core of our belief is to have a magnificent result and make the bride and groom happy. And maybe leave everybody in awe as well.

Wedding Design

"When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled, because you knew"

- William Shakespeare -