Destination Wedding In Italy | Tuscany Info & Cost

Destination Wedding In Italy | Tuscany Info & Cost

You are already thinking about a dreamy destination wedding in Italy, maybe a medieval castle or a beautiful countryside villa; or even a vineyard ceremony in an amazing country-chic location! Planning a wedding abroad can be tricky if you are on your own: choosing a venue take a lot of hard work without having them ready to check out. Catering, flowers, music and can all be overwhelming!

Luckily we have done all this work for you. Here at Blanc we are just waiting for your idea, your input of what your dream destination wedding should be. We are ready to listen to how you pictured you most important day and show you your best options.


We take great pride in curating a beautiful portfolio of luxury Tuscany and Apulia wedding venues, with info and availability at request. We constantly update our blog with pictures of landscapes, rooms and other couples we had the pleasure to work with.

It’s pretty hard to find so much detailed information, but we think it’s extremely important being able to provide this info to the couple who’s thinking about a destination wedding in our beautiful country.

Planning your big day should be a happy experience and we focus on making this an easy and pleasurable experience!


If you’re thinking of Tuscany as destination, your anniversary or any other special moment, congratulations, you’re already on a great path. Tuscany has countless options to suit any tastes and theme, will absolutely not let you down. Check out our Tuscany wedding venues.


Our other true love is the beautiful Apulia, with its magnificent landscapes, breathtaking seaside and...Insta-worthy luxury wedding venues! We can share enough pictures of the weddings we have planned in Apulia, it is truly a magnificent place where one can easily see their wedding taking place.

Check out our blog and discover wedding locations in Puglia!

Destination Wedding In Italy | Tuscany Info & Cost

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