Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Florist in Tuscany

The wow-factor in weddings, alongside with the beautiful bride, is given by the florist with its intricate flower design settings.

Believe us when we say that a good flower disposition can give a wedding a totally new vibe!

The difficulty is finding truly expert wedding florists that have the experience and the know-how when it comes to ceremonies.


The florals can get truly creative: from fancy gazebos to chandeliers and long isles with petal roses.

The bride's vision is everything. The meeting with the flower designer is crucial and they really have to form a connection in order to really understand what the bride wants. Occasionally the designer will chime in with ideas and propositions that come from their personal experience.

If you give them a clean slate, they will surprise you! Truth to be told, sometimes it’s even easier to give them free creativity: they can come up with the most amazing settings that you couldn’t have possibly thought of!


You have probably spent countless hours on Pinterest, pinning florals to your boards, looking for that perfect setting that you envision. We admit there some pretty creative and beautiful pieces of art on there.

But we make it a goal to surpass them all: your wedding has to the one and only. Never seen before!


Our design team of Tuscan florists and flower designer has access to the best quality of fresh flowers, plants, and greenery that the region can offer. We are not only talking about the classic pieces: roses, and hydrangeas. We are talking about exotic flowers fit for every taste.

The necessity of a custom-made flower decor urges us to look for unexplored floral territories. To truly be creative, we think we need availability to exceptional flowers.

This is very difficult to do for a bride that is having a wedding in Tuscany,  she isn’t acquainted with the country she is in and it can be very difficult to move around.

Blanc has countless professionals at disposal that can make the process smoother.


What if I want flowers that represent Tuscany?

You want to pay homage to the country you are celebrating your wedding in, and you choose to do so with an amazing flower setting that will remind your guests of the beauties of the region.

In this case, we call for the beautiful Lily! (foto)

The Lily is the official symbol of Florence and you can see it pretty much everywhere when you visit. Included in your bouquet would make a fantastic piece!

Sunflowers are another option, they remind of the countless sunflower fields of western Tuscany and really fit in a summer wedding!

If you want to incorporate a bit of tradition in your flower design, we could think of decor with wine leaves, enlaced with lilies and other typical decor pieces of our Tuscan views!

Wedding Flowers

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