Wedding in Puglia

Wedding in Puglia

Puglia is a charming Italian region easily recognisable as the ‘heel of Italy’s boot’. We could give you thousand reasons to choose this region as destination for your big moments and they will never be enough as they cannot give you the feeling you’ll have while being there.

Luxury, elegance and tradition with a friendly atmosphere, delicious food and a marvellous turquoise-blue sea in the background.

What else do you want?

Everything seems perfect already but what about the wedding venue options?

This is always one of the main decision clients has to take and we can definitely say that Puglia has a lot to offer. Have you ever heard of the traditional apulian farmhouse called ‘’Masseria’’?

They are one of the most recognisable expressions of Apulian architecture and they were built all over Puglia in the 16th century as aristocrat houses. Preserving the architectural characteristics and the mystery, the Apulian Masserias now are a type of hospitality which combines tradition with modernity and the rustic charm of the region with a luxurious setting. They have been built with typical local white painted stone so just imagine these wonderful white walls reflecting a warm summer sun, surrounded by breathtaking views and nature surrounds.

Nowadays most of the Masserias are beautiful hotels and represent an ideal settings for an original, charming and traditional Italian choice to be different from the common ones.

Needless to say that Masserias are not the only option that Puglia has to offer.

Between luxury beach clubs, stunning cathedrals, small family chapels and ancient vast olive groves that can right frame outdoor moments, this region boasts the possibility to choose between many alternatives for your important moments.

Another reason why you should choose Puglia as destination is the enjoyably balmy climate that this region has to offer.

Rain is a rare occurrence and temperatures are usually high, which makes this the ideal destination for people who doesn’t want to celebrate during the high season and on the contrary wants to enjoy the more relaxing spring and autumn months still benefit from plenty of sunshine.

The weather remains warm until as late as October; and even in November, it’s not uncommon to be able to enjoy the beach!

What we love about Puglia and all its locations is the chance of planning all kind of event maintaining a sober and refined level of beauty, without excess.

It is the perfect region for a fun family retreat, an intimate romantic escape and even for large celebrations and parties with many friends.

That being said, we can definitely agree that Puglia surely is a good choice for anyone seeking a new, out of common route that will amaze them and the guests.

Wedding in Puglia

"When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled, because you knew"

- William Shakespeare -